Black Henna Warning

THERE IS NO BLACK HENNA! No matter what anyone says! Here is why.

The PPD chemical (Para-phenylenediamine) or Black henna phenomenon has harmed people for years now all around the world. This is a problem that plagues reputable henna artists everywhere.

If you are a beginning artist, or a consumer, don't let the reports scare you. An educated consumer is a smart consumer, and no one likes to be a sucker! Ask what is in the paste they are using! It's your right to know! Some vendors will put gasoline or turpentine in the paste as well as other toxins in an effort to make it darker. These are VERY harmful to the skin and you should think about smelling the paste before application as well if you're suspicious. PPD is the largest danger, but not the only one.

The use of this substance is now banned in Canada but other parts of the world are not so lucky. Be careful of this hidden danger while traveling and don't become a victim. The USA and Mexico as well as many countries overseas are still abusing this chemical and their clients. Many studies have been done and I won't retype them here.

Remember, henna is never black, has no smell or is chemical smelling.